Fast, flexible and innovative packaging company

Emballagegruppen delivers all types of cartons to companies in Denmark and Northern Europe. We create packaging concepts in close cooperation with our customers. Our deliveries are characterized by good service, speed and consistent quality. We can deliver traditional and future-oriented packaging, and also environmentally friendly packaging solutions.


Convenient, user-friendly and promotional

Great expertise and knowledge of materials means that we can offer packaging solutions adjusted to your wishes and needs. Emballagegruppen delivers practical, consumer-friendly and promotional packaging solutions for fruit and vegetables, fast food, ready meals and bake off, as well as non-food, health food and cosmetics.

A combination of the latest technology and years of experience makes Emballagegruppen able to produce fast, flexible and in a high quality. We master all disciplines in carton production - ranging from construction and layout to print, stamping and adhesion, and molded cardboard trays.

Emballagegruppen A/S
Englandsvej 12
DK-7100 Vejle
+45 76 73 30 00
CVR.: 83 09 98 28
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